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Buying a home is the biggest financial commitment people are likely to make and it is essential that professional advice is taken at all stages of the house purchase process. We are specialist, qualified and independent mortgage advisers who can help you with all decisions required during the planning and buying process - whether it is a property for your main residence, a buy-to-let investment, or a commercial building for your business.  Not every borrower finds it easy, and we will happily take on your challenges if you have been facing problems - we have seen most problems, and we are known to be people who like to find the solutions! 

Types of Mortgages


Residential Mortgages

If you are a first time buyer, moving to another property or remortgaging onto a new deal, you need a residential mortgage. You may find it hard to choose between the huge amount of lenders, variety of rates and fees. It can be difficult to feel that you have made the right choice, and this is where an independent mortgage broker, such as Abbeygate Mortgage Solutions comes in. We have access to a wide range of mortgage options with some great rates, as well as many exclusive deals, and have the experience to make sure that you get the best deal, whether you are a first-time buyer, house-mover, or switching to a great remortgage solution.  


Buy-to-Let Mortgages

 Whether you’re thinking about purchasing your first buy-to-let (BTL) property or adding to a portfolio, securing the right BTL mortgage is essential to maximise your potential profit.  Abbeygate Mortgage Solutions  is here to help you to secure the right buy to let mortgage to help you achieve competitive returns on your financial investment. A buy to let mortgage is a mortgage product specifically for properties which are being let out. They usually require a larger deposit and have higher interest rates and arrangement fees than normal mortgages. The amount you can borrow is usually based on the amount you will be able to let your property out for. 


Commercial Property Mortgages

 Commercial mortgage rates are not standardised in the same way as residential or buy-to-let mortgages, instead each rate is individually priced to match the strength of the borrower’s proposal. There are two types of commercial mortgage - an owner occupier mortgage for trading premises and a commercial investment mortgage for those looking to invest in commercial property.  Abbeygate Mortgage Solutions  and our partners can help you source both. Currently the high street lenders are offering clients fantastic rates starting at 2% over base rate, and are offering up to 80% LTV.   


Second Charge Loans

A second charge mortgage sits below the first mortgage and is secured against the property. A second charge mortgage can help fund a number of things, from home improvements, holidays or more commonly provide a debt consolidation source. The result is two separate loans secured against the value of the property, but the second loan will not affect the first. A homeowner with an outstanding mortgage and with enough equity in their property to cover the amount to be borrowed can apply for a second charge mortgage.  

Solving Mortgage Problems

We have a reputation for working hard to solve problems that you may encounter because of your credit score, type of employment, or because you are an expat trying to buy in the UK.  Click the button to find out how we can help.

Solving Mortgage Problems

Think about it...

A mortgage  is a loan secured against your home or property.  Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up the repayments on your mortgage or other debt secured on it.   

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